The book, A Great and Terrible Love



A visionary adventure (nonfiction) from the Woodstock era to the present. Patterned in some respects after the Commedia (but mostly in prose), traversing different spiritual terrains—some of profound horror—by a real spiritual character, albeit, initially, an antihero wandering the howling archetypal heartlands of the Abyss.

After his rescue, and graduating his training in spiritual warfare and discernment, embarking on an experience in the Apocalypse of John, and the sight afforded therein, with the result of opening the vision—relevant not only to the first century, but to the twenty-first, even to these violent and tumultuous days of 2017.

Also included in this 732-page work, the 100-page book, A Poet Arises In Israel.

Classic literature and prophetic vision.


What I’ve done with Amazon is decline to take any royalties (save the 99¢ for the Kindle version until I can get that down to 0.00) so as to make the book more affordable. It’s a labor of love, not for money.

In paperback now available at Amazon US:   $16.05
Kindle: $0.99
iBooks Store: free
B&N Nook: free £13.37
Kindle: £0.99

At €16.74
Kindle: €0.99 €16,50
Kindle: €0,99

Free digital copies (mobi, ePub, PDF) from my Google Drive: , and the excerpted chapter, “The Fate of Babylon” :


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