Welcome to Apocalypse Field

Where we are in this 21st century is in the Global Arena of Consciousness outside the gates of Eden, in the fiery night of Apocalypse Field, on the charred and cindery globe of the besieged planet (doesn’t seem so in the law-enforcing West? – it’s coming, by means of the law). The virtual world has exponentially increased the immediacy and comprehensiveness of awareness in this “arena.”

There are many voices lifted up here, some no longer even living among us. It is here that vision vies with vision, each seeking to dominate the others by virtue of their power, beauty, and claimed fidelity to reality. In this arena wizard rises up against wizard, wise-women against wise-men, guru against guru, venerable spiritual teachers against one another, indeed, even demons lift their voices through those willing to channel them. Not only “spiritual” types speak here, but economists, politicians, psychiatrists, poets, writers, singers, madmen, etc. We sometimes call this “the world stage.”

Our political leaders – presidents, or the leaders of other nations – are all in this arena, for as our lives hinge upon the doing (and undoing) of nations, so we listen to the voices of those who wield power, and effect actions world-wide. And many do listen to those teachers who purport to see what exists in the hidden realms, the realms called by some the spirit-world, or the place where other beings than ourselves exist, and where we ourselves are said to go when this life is over. Not all believe such teachers, but they are among the most heeded and sought out of those voices on the world stage. Some have not lived on this earth for centuries, and some not for millennia, but they speak as loudly as those living now.

Now obviously, given the “open marketplace of ideas” this arena affords, no one vision can “dominate” the others unless it shows itself more excellent and appealing than others due to its superior qualities. Yes, a vision may seek to undermine the credibility or validity of another, yet this is not domination but critical scrutiny. In this manner one vision may indeed attain mastery over another. This is not to say that by oppression and censorship tyrannical types may not seek by force and coercion to suppress opposing views. In various prophesies (for those who consider such) it is said that a prince of diabolic occultists will arise using dark and deceptive powers, and who will seek to overthrow and crush all who do not submit to his vision. It pays to be vigilant here. There is intense warfare in this arena.

Given the plethora of voices lifted up, many proclaiming themselves to uphold “true vision” but are in fact deceivers and destroyers of souls, should I (for one) not lift my own voice to contend with them? And if I belong to the Lord Christ, should I not seek to champion His cause in the midst of the peoples of earth? Is this not perfectly appropriate given the nature of things in this global arena? And given the mandate of mercy, whereby warning of judgment, forgiveness of sins, and eternal life are to be proclaimed, is this not also appropriate?

Of great import in these matters are the epistemological questions: how do we know what we know, and – even more basic – can we know anything with certainty? You may be sure I will not abdicate the field to the nihilism of postmodern deconstruction. What? I should sound an uncertain trumpet for fear of men, even vast censure and ridicule, and instead dance to the tunes they play?

I say all this to stress the importance of voice, and the vitality of the being that projects it. It is the poets who are training to speak words of precisely expressed consciousness. Charles Olson, in his essay on “Projective Verse” spoke of poems as “high-energy constructs.” I daresay there is more afoot in our art than is apparent to many.

I am greatly concerned about voice. In these days the primary issue in “the global arena of consciousness” is consciousness itself. (Is it not a small virtual world?) Whatever we write about we should never forget that there are psychic agendas which seek to impose their spells / spins of reality on others. The best antidote to this is simply to reveal what is. And what is as regards personhood is of the utmost importance when confronted with psychic aggression and coercion.


One thought on “Welcome to Apocalypse Field

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